India-Tajakistan Brief

India-Tajakistan Brief

By Rani Mullen and Kailash Prasad
14 May 2014

Tajikistan holds huge significance for fulfilling India’s broader interests in the Central Asian region especially its ‘Connect Central Asia’ policy. More importantly, stronger India-Tajikistan partnership is of key importance for India to amplify its goodwill in the region as well as to add stability to Afghanistan and meet India’s future energy demands. However, though Tajikistan over the last decade has been the primary recipient of India’s development assistance in the Central Asian region, it still stands far behind in terms of India’s development assistance to other individual countries such as Afghanistan. Thus, taking the above into consideration, through this brief we have tried to highlight India’s desire of assisting in the diversification of the Tajik economy as well as analyze India’s development assistance towards Tajikistan especially its role as a humanitarian aid and in boosting of Tajikistan’s IT, energy and education sector. 

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