Implementation of International Environmental Law

Implementation of International Environmental Law

By S Maljean-Dubois and Lavanya Rajamani

This book, published in 2011, is a product of the research conducted at the Center for Studies and Research of the Hague Academy of International Law in the summer of 2008. The Centre, devoted to the “implementation of international environmental law”, attracted twenty talented young scholars from nine different countries. This volume contains the introductory report of the two directors of studies, in English and in French, a selection of the best papers prepared by the participants, as well as a general index and a comprehensive bibliography. The topic of the 2008 session is of both practical and theoretical interest. International environmental law, despite the rapid proliferation of treaty instruments in the area, is plagued by difficulties in implementation. The search for enhanced effectiveness of international environmental law has yielded many innovations at the institutional and normative levels. In seeking to better understand these innovations, their emergence, deepening and diffusion, this volume highlights the major shifts in and challenges faced by international environmental law and, indeed, international law itself.

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