Constitutional Law of India

Constitutional Law of India

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The author has presented a systematic exposition of the provisions of the Constitution. He has intended to constitute an objective and faithful commentary on the text of the articles of the Constitution without any pre-conceived notions or encukmbrances, the emphasis is on the original source of each article, how it evolved through the different stages of Constitution-making in the Constituent Assembly and ever since 1950.
It is politico-juridical treatise and seeks to remove many of the misinterpretations and misreadings of the constitutional provisions perpetrated by the colonial hang over of all those called upon to operate this Constitution from generation to generation.

The treatise spread over two compact volumes, is divided into four parts, viz. (1) Introduction and Background, (2) Provisions of the Constitution and a commentary on their evolution, operation and interpretation, (3) Evaluation, Review and Reforms, and (4) Documents, Part one begins with an introductory chapter devoted to making necessary conceptual clarifications with regard to what is Constitution, why it is needed, how it works, what are the types of constitutions etc.

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