Communal Violence in India

Communal Violence in India

By P R Rajgopal

What is the nature of violence in India? Is it a major problematique of the India civilization as Prof Rajni Kothari states? What are its sources? And what are the practical policy options to deal with them?

These are some of the questions Shri P R Rajgopal explores in the book from a practical policy angle rather than from a wider academic point of view. 

Shri Rajgopal  examined  violence  in three  essential dimensions in lndia: communal  violence,  violence  arising  out of socio-political  change in India and lastly, organised crime and criminal  justice. These have been published as three separate studies. The present study deals with the problem of communal violence as a police official sees it.

The book does not seek to project any theory on the subject of communalisrn. This exercise is primarily an attempt  at abstracting the different practical,  as distinct from theoretical  aspects that characterise  and contribute  to the phenomenon of communalism, and the complexity  and variety of causes  that give rise to communal violence.