Political Transformations in Contemporary India: CPR-RLS Project 2020

This project is supported by the Rosa Luxemburg-Stiftung (RLS), a German political foundation that is part of the grassroots movement of democratic socialism. Bearing the name of Rosa Luxemburg (1871-1919), the foundation serves as a forum for debate and critical thinking about political alternatives, as well as a research centre for progressive social development.

Our partnership with the RLS, South Asia has been a rewarding experience. 2020 has been unanimously challenging: the research and academic community has found its projects stalled and carefully laid timelines go awry. In the midst of this, our partnership with the RLS has only expanded and improved. What started as a pilot project in 2019 has matured this year to become a comprehensive research output shedding light onto crucial, yet understudied, aspects of India’s democratic system.

As we expand our research agenda to study democratic politics, RLS' commitment to the values of freedom and fairness adds to the quality and non-partisanship of our work. Our expanding network of researchers, academics and journalists create opportunities for both organisations for greater public outreach. Such outreach enables us to inform and participate in discussion on issues that matter. We present our research output for the year 2020 in the hope that it adds value to this discussion, and to our on-going partnership.

Click here to download the CPR-RLS Annual Report 2020