Integrating intermediate public transport within transport regulation in a megacity region

The project examines the regulatory architecture of transportation in the Kolkata Metropolitan Area with the aim of integrating intermediate public transport (IPT) within transportation regulatory structures in the megacity of Kolkata.

The Kolkata Metropolitan Area has an elaborate Public Transport System that started developing in the late 1800s. The transportation network in the city consists of train systems, both terrestrial and underground, trams, buses, ferries, autos, taxis and a severely reduced population of cycle and hand pulled rickshaws. The umbrella of IPT covers all privately owned and publically used forms of transportation like autorickshaws.

The integration of these could allow for a more seamless transport system and support the shift of users away from private transport by providing high frequency assured seating public transport options that start and end close to user origins and destinations.

CPR is undertaking the project in association with Innovative Transport Solutions Private Limited (iTrans) with the support of the Shakti Foundation.

Image Credit: Anuradha Sengupta (flickr)