Asian Regionalism: Canadian and Indian Perspectives

Leading the shift to a new way of thinking about Canada-India relations, the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada and CPR launched the ‘Track II’ Canada-India Policy Dialogue series in 2003. These annual meetings provided a venue for scholars, policy analysts, businesspersons, and civil society representatives to discuss issues that are of mutual interest to the two countries, going well beyond the limitations of official dialogue. After the completion of the project, an edited volume containing papers and policy recommendations from the first two Dialogues entitled ‘Asian Regionalism: Canadian and Indian Perspectives’, edited by Charan D Wadhva and Yuen Pau Woo was published. This volume is organised into three sections: Perspectives on Regional Integration in Asia; Perspectives on the WTO and Doha Development Agenda; and Strengthening Canada-India Bilateral Relations. These essays break new ground in identifying areas of mutual interest and provide a glimpse into the potential for stronger and deeper Canada-India ties.