Philippe Cullet | Senior Visiting Fellow

Philippe Cullet is a senior visiting fellow at CPR and professor of international and environmental law at the School of Oriental and African Studies – University of London (SOAS). He is also a founding research director and convenor at the International Environmental Law Research Centre (IELRC).

Professor Cullet has published widely in the fields of environmental law, natural resources, human rights, and the socio-economic aspects of intellectual property. His current research includes work on water law and governance with a particular focus on groundwater, drinking water, sanitation, and institutional reforms; equity in environmental law; biodiversity, including benefit sharing and biosafety; and justice, with a particular focus on environmental and water rights.

He is the editor of the Law, Environment and Development Journal (LEAD Journal), a peer-reviewed academic journal jointly published by IELRC and SOAS. He participated in the preparation of India’s 12th Five Year Plan, convening the Planning Commission’s Sub-group on Legal Issues Related to Groundwater Management and Regulation that prepared the Model Bill for the Conservation, Protection and Regulation of Groundwater, 2011, and serving on both the sub-group that prepared the draft National Water Framework Law, 2011 and the Planning Commission’s Working Group on Water Governance.

Professor Cullet holds an LLB from Geneva University, an LLM from King’s College London, an MA from SOAS, and a JSD from Stanford.

He has been appointed as member of three government committees set up by the Ministry of Water Resources, River Development & Ganga Rejuvenation to draft water legislations for India.

The three committees include:

  • Committee to Draft National Water Framework Law--set up in December, 2015, to draft a National Water Framework Law on the basis of the two existing drafts. 
  • Committee to Re-draft the Draft Model Bill for Conservation Protection and Regulation of Ground Water, 2011--set up in October, 2015, to re-draft the said Bill.
  • Committee to Draft River Basin Management Bill--set up in December, 2015, to work further on the Draft River Basin Management Bill, 2012.

Cullet has been particularly involved in the drafting of the National Water Framework Law, and the re-drafting of the Model Bill for Conservation Protection and Regulation of Groundwater, 2011.