Unpacking the Consequences of Donald Trump’s Multiple Trade Wars

8 August 2018

In what was seen as the beginning of a trade war, US President, Donald Trump recently imposed tariffs on goods from countries including Canada, Mexico, China and the European Union. The move saw immediate retaliation from US allies, with countries imposing heavy duties on a number of imports from the US. This policy of protectionism reflected Trump’s ‘America First’ agenda, however it derailed trade relations with several allies. CPR faculty analyse this move of the US President in the curated media commentary below. 

  • Brahma Chellaney writes in the ‘Asian Review’ about the risk of alienation India faces as the US imposes punitive sanctions on Iran and Russia, both of which have been ‘long-standing economic and political partners for India’. The challenge for New Delhi is going to be ‘how to balance those interests with its growing strategic partnership with the US, a top trading and defence partner of India’. Chellaney reiterates this in the ‘Times of India’, detailing how India should safeguard its interests by partnering with other key democracies in order to push back with full diplomatic strength. In an interview with ‘Radio Sputnik’ he details the effects of the sanctions imposed on Iran.
  • Shyam Saran writes in the ‘Hindustan Times’ analysing the trade war between the US and China, detailing how by alienating allies, Trump’s China policy has failed as China gets an opportunity ‘to make common cause with American allies both in Asia and Europe’. He writes in ‘India Today‘ about the tumultuous relationship of the US with China, Korea, Canada and Russia and the implications this has for India, highlighting that ‘spaces have opened up for India to enhance its external position’.
  • G Parthasarathy writes in ‘The Indian Panorama’ highlighting the destabalising impacts of Trump’s ‘America First’ approach. He further elaborates on this in ‘The New Indian Express’ detailing how the US President has completely turned the foreign policy upside down, from his UK visit where he was critical of Theresa May, to his behaviour at the G7 Summit and his trade policies that have warranted retaliation from allies.

The views shared belong to individual faculty and researchers and do not represent an institutional stance on the issue.