ThoughtSpace Episode 4: Analysing the evolving India-China relations

16 November 2016
A conversation between Senior Fellow Shyam Saran and Richa Bansal

Relations between India and China have changed considerably over the past decade as China’s growth rate outpaced India’s, placing both countries in unique and different positions in the current global geopolitical context. 

This has been most evident in recent times with China’s open opposition to India’s NSG membership bid; its blocking India’s move to ban Masood Azhar; and pledging large aid packages to other South Asian countries at the recent BRICS summit. India, on the other hand, has grown increasingly closer to the US; attempted to take on China over the South China sea dispute; and not shied away from a muscular response to terrorism emanating from Pakistani soil, notwithstanding China’s proximity to Pakistan. Add to this Donald Trump’s victory in the recent US elections and what this posits for the future. 

In the fourth episode (above) of CPR’s podcast, ThoughtSpace, Richa Bansal talks to Shyam Saran, a Senior Fellow at CPR and a career diplomat, who is a respected authority on India-China relations, on the evolving India-China relations and what the future holds.

The views shared belong to individual faculty and researchers and do not represent an institutional stance on the issue.