ThoughtSpace Episode 22: Understanding the Implications of the Pakistan Election Results

16 August 2018

In an election that was marred by allegations of rigging, military interference and violence, Pakistan recently elected former cricketer, Imran Khan as Prime Minister. While Khan has called for a resolution of all issues with India, it is essential for India to discern whether his words translate into action, going forward. 

In the 22nd episode of CPR’s podcast, ThoughtSpace (above), Richa Bansal talks to Honorary Research Professor at CPR and former ambassador to Pakistan, G Parthasarathy about this development across the border.  

Amb Parthasarathy delves into the role of the army in the governance of Pakistan and sheds light on the possible future of India – Pakistan relations, focusing on issues like homegrown terror within Pakistan, terror groups targeted at India, Kashmir, and future trade relations between the two countries. 

Amb Parthasarathy has also written on the subject in ‘The Tribune’,  ‘The Economic Times’, ‘PrimeTimes.IN’ and ‘The New India Express’. 

The views shared belong to individual faculty and researchers and do not represent an institutional stance on the issue.