ThoughtSpace Episode 2: Understanding Bureaucracy from the Bureaucrat’s Perspective

21 October 2016
A conversation between Senior Fellow Yamini Aiyar and Richa Bansal

India’s bureaucracy has been her Achilles heel, often described as ‘corrupt’, ‘lazy’, ‘ineffective’ and more. And the reason for why the best-intentioned policies do not get implemented successfully on the ground. 70 years after independence, why are we still struggling with a ‘19th century administrative system in the 21st century’, as defined by Prime Minister Modi?

In the second episode (above) of CPR’s podcast, ThoughtSpace, Richa Bansal talks to Senior Fellow and Director of Accountability Initiative Yamini Aiyar on what is the root cause of this and unpacks ‘Bureaucracy from the Bureaucrat’s Perspective’, drawing on AI’s research with frontline bureaucracy. 

All of AI's research outputs on frontline bureaucracy can be accessed at their blog here.

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