ThoughtSpace Episode 18: Understanding Corruption Systemically - its causes, types and solutions

30 June 2017
A conversation between Richa Bansal and T R Raghunandan, advisor to Accountability Initiative

Corruption is a systemic problem in India and a recently released report categorised states in India by their level of corruption. T R Raghunanadan, an advisor to the Accountability Initiative (AI) at CPR, is a pioneer on corruption work and was the programme head of the first website launched to address the issue called In In the 18th episode of CPR's podcast ThoughtSpace, Richa Bansal talks to Raghunandan to understand corruption systemically; break down the different types of corruption and the various ways in which both the state and citizens can tackle it. 

Raghunandan also wrote a series on blogs on corruption for the AI website, listed below: 

The views shared belong to individual faculty and researchers and do not represent an institutional stance on the issue.