State Action: Containing COVID-19 Spread in Udaipur

23 March 2020

This blog was last updated on 23 March 2020.

Being a prime tourist destination in India, Udaipur is extremely vulnerable to the risks and potential damages associated with COVID-19. The District Administration has been tirelessly engaged in preparing itself to contain the spread of the virus after a group of Italian tourists, who travelled across Rajasthan, were tested positive. It promptly identified every person who came in contact with the group and immediately quarantined them. As per the report, a total of six people came in immediate contact and were quarantined on 4 March. The District Administration set up the quarantine facility in MB Hospital, where the suspects were closely monitored. Some prompt steps taken by the District Administration are:

  • Office order dated 18.03.2020 for ceasing operations of museums, parks, wildlife sanctuaries, tourist spots, zoos, swimming pools, community centres, public centres, forts etc. till 31 March. This shall now be extended as per the Centre’s guidelines.
  • Officer order dated 18.03.2020 for discontinuing biometric attendance systems till 31 March and maintaining a daily attendance register in government offices.
  • Implementation of State Government order dated 19.03.2020 for complete lockdown of clubs, pubs, discos, bars, hostels, government and private hostels and libraries till 31 March. Furthermore, all hotels and restaurants were directed to cease in-house dining and lodging operations and only run their takeaway/ home-delivery services.
  • Enforcement of State Government order of immediately shutting down all factories and public services, rolled out by Ashok Gehlot, Chief Minister, Rajasthan, on 21 March.
  • Office order dated 22.03.2020 mentioning vehicle numbers of registered autos and taxis allowed to operate during lockdown. A total of 24 autos and 9 taxis were granted permission for the same.  
  • Office order dated 23.03.2020, requesting District Police Commissioner to allow seamless operation of waste collection vehicles and sanitation workers.
  • Office order dated 23.03.2020, indicating all individuals who can cross the checkpoints put up within the city after showing identity proof or request-application. These include individuals working in the banking sector, hospitals, security agencies, pharmaceutical sector, milk delivery services, health and sanitation department, Smart City Udaipur, Urban Improvement Trust, press and media and vegetable and newspaper hawkers.

Additionally, the Udaipur Municipal Corporation is also executing the following tasks:

  • Proper cleaning of all community and public toilets twice a day.
  • Daily fumigation in public areas.
  • Ward-wise, door-to-door survey for mapping travel history of all households in past 20 days and quarantining the entire household even if one person has visited outbreak affected areas.
  • Information, Education and Communication (EIC) Campaign in all wards educating citizens about the measures to be taken during this time.
  • Penalising citizens for not wearing masks in public areas.
  • Day and night patrolling by Udaipur Police for ensuring enforcement of all state/district orders.
  • Additionally, preparing a swine flu ward in MB Hospital to cater to patients tested positive.


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