Modi's Visit to China

14 May 2015
Analysis in the run-up

Narendra Modi’s visit to China is under close scrutiny. CPR faculty provide insightful analysis on different aspects:

  • Srinath Raghavan in the Economic and Political Weekly deconstructs Modi’s opportunity in China—on how the prime minister has the political capital to push for a settlement of the border dispute, thus strengthening bilateral ties and expanding India’s political space on multilateral stages.
  • Shyam Saran in this piece in The Wire explores the “out of the box” solution to the long-standing border dispute between India and China.
  • In The New Indian Express, Bharat Karnad writes that Modi’s visit to China will be marred by bad geostrategics and even worse policy.
  • Embedding Indo-Chinese relations historically Sanjaya Baru in The Hindu talks about how relations between the two countries will be shaped by whether China wishes to be a global hegemon or “truly believes in the creation of a multipolar world”

The views shared belong to individual faculty and researchers and do not represent an institutional stance on the issue.