Metamorphoses – Talking Technology: Fifth Panel Discussion on ‘Unpacking Media – Digital & Traditional’

14 September 2018

Watch the full video (above) of the panel discussion between Ashish Malhotra, Pankaj Mishra, Rama Lakshmi and Zakka Jacob, moderated by Richa Bansal, as part of the ‘Metamorphoses-Talking Technology’ series.

During the past decade, with advances in digital technologies and rapid increase in the penetration of the Internet, media has undergone a dramatic change in the manner in which news is gathered, disseminated and interpreted. There is an emphasis on speed, a premium on immediacy and virtually instant interpretation such as through Twitter. Traditional media, both print and electronic, are struggling to stay relevant and are themselves, adapting to and adopting the new technologies to create web-based news portals, mixing text and images to survive in this new environment, which is still in the throes of rapid change. The aim of this panel was to explore and understand these changes and look to what the future may hold.

Ashish Malhotra is the India Correspondent at Deutsche Welle and a freelance multimedia journalist.

Pankaj Mishra is Editor in Chief, Co-Founder and CEO of Factor Daily.

Rama Lakshmi is Editor, Opinion at ThePrint.

Zakka Jacob is the Deputy Executive Editor of CNN-News18.

Richa Bansal is the Director of Communications at CPR. 

The audience feedback of the session can be accessed here

Metamorphoses is a modest effort to try and bridge the gap between digital technologies, which are transforming our lives, and our understanding of their multiple dimensions. The series is a joint initiative between NITI Aayog (the Government of India’s think tank), India International Centre (IIC) and Centre for Policy Research (CPR).

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