JAGA MISSION – Participatory Slum Upgradation Programme

28 September 2020

The Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi under its initiative ‘Scaling City Institutions for India: Land Planning and Housing (SCI-FI: LPH)’ is pleased to announce the signing of a MOU on September 28, 2020 with the Housing & Urban Development Department, Government of Odisha.

Through this ground breaking partnership, SCI-FI: LPH aims to support the JAGA Mission in its second phase to integrate the urban poor settlements into the city fabric by upgradation of basic facilities and services. This will in turn lead towards progressive realisation of the JAGA Mission’s broader vision of a Liveable Habitat for all.

 SCI-FI: LPH at CPR will be the knowledge partner to help with systematic planning for “slum freeing” and “slum proofing” and will collaborate to undertake pilots and support the scaling up of this programme. While supporting HUDD and the JAGA Mission in transforming the slums into liveable habitat, it will endeavour to document the learnings from the entire process for other states and cities across the country. This project is supported by the Omidyar Network India.

As a first step under this MoU, a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) has been prepared by SCI-FI: LPH for Slum Upgradation and Delisting. The SOP is formally launched via videoconferencing with remarks by the Honourable Chief Minister, Government of Odisha on Monday, September 28, 2020.


11.30 AM - Welcome address by Principal Secretary to Government, H&UD Department.

11.33 AM - Screening of video on ‘Parichaya’ and dedication of 116 Parichaya (Multi-Purpose Community Centres) in 116 Slums in 30 ULBs by Hon’ble Chief Minister.

11.37 AM - Screening of video on slum upgradation programme.

11.40 AM - Release of SoP document on commencement of slum upgradation programme by Hon’ble Chief Minister.

11.42 AM - Signing of MOU between Housing & Urban Development Department and Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi for supporting the Slum upgradation programme as Knowledge Partner.

11.45 AM - Address by Hon’ble Minister, Housing & Urban Development from Balasore Collectorate V.C. Hall.

11.48 AM - Commencement of distribution of 1,05,000 LEC by Hon’ble Chief Minister.

11.51 AM - Address by Hon’ble Chief Minister.

11.55 AM - Vote of thanks by Joint Mission Director, Jaga Mission.

By adopting this SOP the Government of Odisha, has bridged a key gap in national and state policy on housing options for the urban poor, by introducing “slum upgrading”, i.e. statewide upgradation of basic infrastructure in slums to bring the slum neighbourhood infrastructure at par with the rest of the city. The land rights and entitlement exercise along with the slum upgradation exercise will allow the delisting of slums in the city and bring the poorer neighbourhoods within the city planning and governance process, statewide.  

Watch the short movie demonstrating the continuous efforts of the Government of Odisha in ushering growth-oriented and inclusive reforms in diverse socio-economic spheres. Through this SOP, the government aims to lay down the integral steps to fostering community participation, by involving slum residents in urban planning and local development process promoting decentralised decision-making at various levels of urban governance. This SOP document will lay the foundation for further affirmative actions with respect to improved tenure security, housing and adequate access to basic services, thereby promoting the over-arching objective of achieving slum-free and slum-proof cities in Odisha.

The Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) document can be accessed here.

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