How India Sees the World: Kautilya to the 21st Century

20 September 2017
New book by Ambassador Shyam Saran

Former Indian Foreign Secretary Shyam Saran has had a ringside view of the most critical events and shifts in Indian foreign policy in the new millennium, including the epochal India-US nuclear deal. In his new book, How India Sees the World: Kautilya to the 21st Century, Saran discerns the threads that tie together his experiences as a diplomat. Find below a curated list of discussions, reviews, and interviews on the book:

  • The Wire’s Maya Mirchandani interviews Shyam Saran on his new book (above)
  • Shyam Saran is joined by prominent commentator and expert on foreign policy, Senior Fellow at CPR Srinath Raghavan, for a discussion (video) at CPR on the various topics explored in the book. The question and answer session that followed can be accessed here.
  • Other audio visual interviews of his book include an NDTV chat with Prannoy Roy; a CNN News 18 discussion with Anubha Bhonsale; and an interview with Sheela Bhatt on News X.
  • There is a written interview of Saran with IANS; and a coverage of his book launch in The Hindu.
  • His book has also been reviewed by C Raja Mohan of Carnegie India, and by Siddharh Singh in the Open Magazine.


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