How East Differs from West? A Tale of Two Globalisations

27 September 2019

Watch the full video (above) of the discussion on ‘How East Differs from West? A Tale of Two Globalisations’, featuring Stephan Shakespeare, Pramit Bhattacharya and moderated by Rahul Verma.

Drawing on data from the YouGov-Cambridge Globalism project that consists of extensive multidimensional surveys conducted in 23 countries, the discussion centred around the changing geography of globalisation as it is not just shifting economically but also publicly. The pro-globalisation public consensus that used to characterise Western politics is essentially moving to the East. This raises an important question: has the traditional link between globalisation and the spread of Western liberal norms around the world been permanently broken?

Stephan Shakespeare is the CEO and Co-founder of YouGov. Pramit Bhattacharya is a Data Editor at Mint. Rahul Verma is a Fellow at CPR.

The question and answer session that followed can be accessed here

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