Discussion on the State of Aadhar Report 2016-17

2 August 2017
Full video of talk

Watch the full video (above) of the talk by Ronald Abraham, where he shared key findings from IDInsight’s State of Aadhar Report 2016-17, which provides a careful unpacking of various topics related to Aadhaar.

The report provides a first-of-its-kind overview of Aadhaar’s technological and operational architecture, legal and governance framework, and its applications in financial inclusion, social protection, and emerging uses in other sectors.

The State of Aadhar Report aims to facilitate a more data and evidence-centric understanding of the Aadhaar ecosystem and highlights important areas for future research.

The Q&A session that followed can be accessed here.

The views shared belong to individual faculty and researchers and do not represent an institutional stance on the issue.