Bharat Karnad


Research Professor

Bharat Karnad was a Member of the (First) National Security Advisory Board of the National Security Council, Government of India; specifically, he was a member of the Nuclear Doctrine Drafting Group, and of the external security and the technology security groups for the Strategic Review. Formerly, he was  Adviser, Defence Expenditure, to the (Tenth) Finance Commission, India.

He has written a number of books and authored chapters in international and national anthologies. He has also published research articles and review essays in various professional/academic journals in India and abroad. He has been consulted on various issues of national security by the Prime Minister; Defence Minister Chairman, Minister for External Affairs, Chairman, Chiefs of Staff Committee, and Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Services; C-in-C, Strategic Forces Command; Vice Chief of the Air Staff; Integrated Defence Staff HQrs, Ministry of Defence; Perspective Planning Directorate and Financial Planning Directorate, Army Headquarters; and by the Directorate of Concepts and Air War cell, Air Force Headquarters. He has been commissioned by the HQrs Integrated Defence Staff to conduct a strategic nuclear orientation course for senior military officers, and to conceptualize and conduct a series on inter-agency wargames on the nculear tripwire.

He lectures regularly at various military and other forums, including the Combined Operational Review and Evaluation Programme, Senior Officers Study Period, Army-level Formation Commanders Orientation Course, Corps-level Senior Officers Study Week, Annual Defence Research & Development Organization (DRDO) Directors' Conference, numerous DRDO Laboratories, National Defense College, Joint Senior Officers' Capsule, JAnnual Study Fortnight for Senior Officers in Nuclear Chemical & Biological Warfare, Higher Command Courses at Army War College, College of Naval Warfare, Army Training Command (HQrs), College of Defence Management, DRDO Institute for Systems Studies & Analyses, Army Service Corps Centre & College, Defence Services Staff College, Indian Military Academy, Air Force Academy, Foreign Service Institute (Ministry of External Affairs), and the National Police Academy (Home Ministry).

Abroad, he has been invited to give talks, among other places, at the Brookings Institution and the US State Department, Washington, DC, the Shanghai Institute of International Studies, Institute of Strategic studies, islamabad, and the Institute of Defence & Strategic Studies, Singapore. He has been involved in various Track-II dialogues with the United States of America, China, Taiwan, Pakistan and Israel.

Mr. Karnad has a B.A. in Political Science, University of California, Santa Barbara, 1972; and an M.A. in Political Science, University of California, Los Angeles, 1975.