Handbook of Urbanization in India (Second Edition)

This handbook comprehensively analyses trends in urbanization using the most recent census data.  The study discusses trends, patterns, growth, and the socioeconomic characteristics of urbanization as well as the availability of infrastructure, migration trends, and employment opportunities.  Covering 17 major states across India it provides regional dimensions and micro-level perspectives, by bringing in district level analysis of two developed states – Maharashtra and Punjab, and two relatively backward states – Rajasthan and Bihar.

Since the publication of the first edition there have been two important developments that have been incorporated into this edition.  The first is the release of the migration data by the Census of India.  The data throws up many facts that run contrary to popular belief on rural-urban migratory movement.  The second is the launch of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission in 2006.  The largest initiative in urban infrastructure development, the Mission focuses on city development strategies.

The volume will be invaluable to professional urban planners, state urban development authorities, policymakers, and non-governmental organizations.

Oxford University Press
External Author: 
Amitabh Kundu, B N Singh