CPR embodies a vibrant community that is committed to the highest standards of excellence in public policy research. An active academic life is sustained via resources that are available to all faculty members of CPR, and in some cases to external partners as well. These resources include a well-stocked library, contemporary conference facilities and information technology infrastructure. CPR also provides access to various external resources through memberships or partnerships with external institutions.


CPR’s library houses an impressive collection of books, periodicals, journals and other documents on foreign policy, urbanization, governance, law and other areas of CPR’s focus. It is a valuable resource for faculty members, and a symbol CPR’s commitment to excellence in policy research. External researchers may be permitted to use the library on a specific basis. For more information, and for general queries pertaining to the CPR library, please contact Mr. Kamaljit Kumar via the CPR switchboard at ext. 209.

Conference Facilities

CPR provides its faculty members with contemporary facilities and an excellent administrative and logistical infrastructure for organising conferences, seminars, meetings and lectures of various sizes. In addition to a large conference hall accommodating up to 50 persons, CPR also has two smaller venues for meetings of up to 20 persons. Conference facilities can be made available to institutions and individuals who wish to host events in partnership with CPR. For more information, please contact the office of the President at