National Workshop on Right to Sanitation: From Articulation to Implementation (Invite-Only)
Thursday, 1 September 2016
9:00 am
Conference Room, Centre for Policy Research

As a part of its activities in India, The Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council, Geneva (WSSCC) is supporting a three-year research project – Design and Implementation of Research on the Human Right to Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation– that is being undertaken at CPR. The objectives of the project are to study the existing legal, policy and institutional frameworks for the realization of the right to sanitation, and to identify best practices, implementation challenges and gaps. It looks specifically at how legal instruments ranging from provisions of the Constitution of India and legislation, as well as policy instruments, can be invoked to realize the right to sanitation, particularly for marginalized communities. For this purpose, the project has focused, in particular, on three states, namely Kerala, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh. 

In the context of this project, an invite-only workshop is being organised on the Right to Sanitation: From Articulation to Implementation’. The proposed sessions are as follows:

  • Introductory Panel: The Right to Sanitation in India
  • The Right to Sanitation and other Human Rights – Interlinkages
  • Implementing the Right to Sanitation in Rural Areas of Kerala, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh
  • Women and the Right to Sanitation
  • Manual Scavenging and Sanitation Workers
  • Health, Environment and the Right to Sanitation
  • Making the Right a Reality: Opportunities and Challenges